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    How to Start Escrow Service? * Escrow Service cannot be used without Log-in (Members only)
* Using Escrow RFQ doesnot mean that you has been started Escrow Service, Please Feel Free to use Escrow RFQ.
* Use Escrow RFQ in your daily purchasing! Escrow RFQ has more functional options than common RFQ.

A. Search Part No.
* Escrow Service does not support multiple RFQ Service now.
* We will improve multiple Escrow RFQ service later.

B. Fill the Form and send Escrow RFQ.
* If you do not want to use Escrow RFQ Service, uncheck the Escrow RFQ check-box.

C. If you checked Escrow, IC2IC Escrow Logo will be shown in the RFQ status at the confirm RFQ page.

D. When Seller reply your Escrow RFQ, you can check your Escrow Quotaion from
[BUY BOX] >> [Escrow IN BOX].

* Negotiate about price and other options by IC2IC Massage.
* When Negotiation is done, click Start Escrow Service to buy with Escrow Service.

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