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      ic2ic.com provides the on-line trading center but does not trade in electronic component direct with members.
      Please, read below Q&A to understand ic2ic.com

Q. Do you have electronic components in stock?
A. ic2ic.com does not dealing with members, just providing on-line trading center for distributor and buyer

Q. Then how can I buy electronic components?
A. Search for electronic components then you can get information about companies that have stock.
     By this information you can request for quotation to buy.

Q. Unable to search.
A. To search for the part, you must be a member. Become a free member of ic2ic.com to use all the contents.

Q. File upload does not conduct yet.
A. Sorry for delaying upload file. We have a lot of members to upload file so can be late maximum 5 days.
     If you like please register for Premium Service for fast upload and more profitalble service.

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