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    Premium Package [CHINESE]

### Premium Service [Banner Advertisement] ###

Banner advertisement is one of the most effective advertise at ic2ic.com.
All the visitors and members will look through banner advertisement.
Banner advertisement can link to your main website or specific webpage you want.
Also Banner advertisement will increase your company's reliability.

### Premium Service [Advanced Distributor] ###

Ic2ic.com has two kind of advanced distributor service that called Higher Position service and Buy Now service.

* Banner Advertisement
-Main page- -Search page-
Placement Rate Impression
(May, 2009)
(Main page's
Leader Board)
Other banner size is available in negotisation of cost.
Contact English : cservice.ic2ic@gmail.com    Chinese : master.ic2ic@gmail.com

to discuss advertising cost.
HTML,Flash,JPEG and GIF file type is available and size of file cannot exceed 30K.

Create banner image service is available.
service costs will depends on the design and other reasons.
(Main page's Skyscraper)
(Search result page's Top Banner)
* Advanced Distributor
A. Buy Now
(Advertisement price conference)
Buy Now is the direct linking service that link directly to companies selling page.
It is more effective and rapid system and has no delay on time to purchase.
On-line payment system must available to provide this service.
This service placed on the top of the search result page.

※To check the price - contact
English : cservice.ic2ic@gmail.com   
Chinese : master.ic2ic@gmail.com

※Buy now service price is depends on the region and sales volume and etc...

B. Higher Position
(Advertisement price conference)
When buyer wants to request for quotation, Higher Position servicing company will appear in classified top position.
Classified top position company receives more RFQ than normal free members.
When buyer decided to send their request for quotation, in buyers mind, Higher Position company's reliability is more higher.
Ic2ic.com does not provide Higher Position service more than 10 companies. (maxium 12)

※The lowest price is 30days - 600.00USD
※Higher position price is depends on the region and sales volume and etc...
The higher position price fluctuate every month.
But, the company already in the process will not fluctuated.


*For more information, feel free to contact :
   Shane Lee (Marketing Director)
   Interbird Co.,Ltd
   E-Mail : English : cservice.ic2ic@gmail.com    Chinese : master.ic2ic@gmail.com

### Premium Service [Advanced Distributor] Status ###

IC AGENT ELECTRONICS INC (B, Period: 08/10/17 ~ 2023/06/16)

FEDERAL INDUSRTY C0. (B, Period: 08/11/25 ~ 2024/01/03)

HONG DA ELECTRONICS CO. (B, Period: 08/11/08 ~ 2023/09/28) 

NEGO IC Co.,LTD (B, Period: 14/12/17 ~ 2023/06/23)

SHENZHEN AUGSWAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (B, Period: 22/09/02 ~ 2023/09/05)

Shenzhen yuan core love electronic commerce co.,LTD (B, Period: 23/03/21 ~ 2023/04/21)

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