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Quotation Part Number Datasheet Qty Mfg Necessary Company Post Date Country


200 Macronix Retro Gamer Stuff Limited 2019-07-09 United Kingdom


17 MXIC Yuet Xin Peng Electronic 2011-05-05 China


125 MXIC H.K.SKY Electronics.Co,Ltd 2009-02-27 China


100 Macronix

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TEL Address E-mail Company Name
+44754**** 11 Conway Close Burton on Tr**** ****merstuff.com Retro Gamer Stuff Limited
755-83**** Room 2201 , International Science Technology Building , Fuh**** ****gmail.com H.K.SKY Electronics.Co,Ltd
86-755-**** Room 21E,Hangdu Building ,Zhong**** ****p-ic.cn Yuet Xin Peng Electronic

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