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Hong Da Electronics Co.LTD


Original&New&Rhos 78500   N/A 2016 In.USA.Stock USA 2020-03-30
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Evatronix(HK) Electronics Trade Inc TC18V
Original Parts Quality excellent 60570   NS 18+RoHS Instock,Rush delivery Hong Kong 2020-03-30
Transcrui Microcircuit Corporation TC18V
Original Parts&RoHS 76590   TI 2019+ NEWSTOCK,HOT SALE!!! Germany 2020-03-30
Leosna Electronics Trade Inc. TC18V-BP/2W8VO-35PB
NEW & Original Parts 85450   Texas 19+RoHS Stock On Hand, best quality Germany 2020-03-30
SemiLex Electronics Inc. 《sales@semi-lex.com》 TC18V-BP/2W8VO-35PB
NEW RoHS and More QTY 40480   IC 17+ STK,Prompt delivery USA 2020-03-28
MAINtron Electronics Co.,Ltd. TC18V
standard package with RoHS 172990   STOCK 2016+ 1-2 days South Korea 2020-03-28

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Hong Da Electronics Co.LTD
   ****852-31746463 ****    Stock addres:1::55 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor, New York USA Stock****    ****gda-ic.com
SemiLex Electronics Inc. 《sales@semi-lex.com》    ****2-59 ****    19/F,Metro II,21 Lam Hin****    ****i-lex.com
Evatronix(HK) Electronics Trade Inc    ****086-132-****    RM 1909, 19/F,,HO KING COMM CTR,****    ****x@yeah.net
MAINtron Electronics Co.,Ltd.    ****6-1-71-****    MAINtron 16F, Bao Hua Bldg, Hua Qiang Bei,****    ****@yeah.net
Transcrui Microcircuit Corporation    ****086-132-****     Transcrui 5/F,New Asia Elec Building,Zhen****    ****@yeah.net
Leosna Electronics Trade Inc.    ****9 541****    Bremer Str. 120, 29086 Osna****    ****yeah.net

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