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 SemiLex Electronics Inc. 《sales@semi-lex.com》  AM6012D Sale List

Part Number PDF Description Q'ty Mfg Supplier Country Date Code Lead Time
AM6012D NEW RoHS and More QTY 67950 IC SemiLex Electronics Inc. 《sales@semi-lex.com》 USA 2018+ Own stock,Prompt delivery
AM6012D NEW RoHS and More QTY 67060 IC SemiLex Electronics Inc. 《sales@semi-lex.com》 USA 2018+ Own stock,Prompt delivery

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Telephone Address E-mail Company Name
852-59 **** 19/F,Metro II,21 Lam Hin**** ****i-lex.com SemiLex Electronics Inc. 《sales@semi-lex.com》

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