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Hong Da Electronics Co.LTD


Original&New&Rhos 88450   OEG 2016 In.USA.Stock USA 2019-02-23

IC Agent Electronics Ins


Original 22500   Newstock 2016+ Instock USA 2019-02-23



originalnew 221541   RoHS 12+ Hong Kong 2019-02-23

European Union IC Industry Co.


RohsAndNew 67530   OEG 2016 Email.To.Us USA 2019-02-23
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FindCores Electronics Global Distributor OZT-SS-112DP RoHS Compliant 38986   14+ Good,Always Ready United Arab Emirates 2019-02-23
Semilex Electronics Limited. (Belwen@semi-lex.com) OZT-SS-112DP NEW RoHS and More QTY 38372   IC 16+ STK,Prompt delivery USA 2019-02-23
MAINtron Electronics Limited. OZT-SS-112DP standard package with RoHS 45310   STOCK 2016+ 1-2 days Hong Kong 2019-02-23
Microtranik Components Limited OZT-SS-112DP for more pls inquire us now 225210   Distributor newest original instock,best quality Hong Kong 2019-02-23
FindCores Electronics Inc. OZT-SS-112DP RoHS Compliant 38986   14+ Good,Always Ready USA 2019-02-23

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Hong Da Electronics Co.LTD
   ****852-31746463 ****    Stock addres:1::55 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor, New York USA Stock****    ****gda-ic.com

European Union IC Industry Co.
   ****852-31****    Stock office: Province of Mila , Coburg,Bayern, Germany and New York , USA ****    ****dustry38.com

IC Agent Electronics Ins
   ****852-95609418 ****    Rm 18,LongXin RD.Quan****    ****agent.com

   ****852-6****    16F, Chun Wan First Rd, Tsuen ****    ****ternational.hk
FindCores Electronics Inc.    ****6-1369****    07/F,Trust Centre,912-914 Cheung****    ****@yeah.net
Semilex Electronics Limited. (Belwen@semi-lex.com)    ****0852-593496****    19/F,Metro II,21 Lam Hing Str****    ****mi-lex.com
Microtranik Components Limited    ****0)852-5****    1601A,HO KING COMM CTR,2-16 FAYU****    ****otranik.com
MAINtron Electronics Limited.    ****52-63****    17/F FORTRESS TOWER 250 KIN****    ****@yeah.net
FindCores Electronics Global Distributor    **** 36 82****    07/F,Trust Centre,912-914 Cheung****    ****@yeah.net

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