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List for SaleTotal registered items : 421,394,659 Parts
Part Number Datasheet Description Q'ty Mfg Country Supplier
0010/3440B1W3R81QD ... 13,877 Parts LEDREDFLATINDICATOR2.2MCD24V20MA 160 SLOAN Italy E.C.R. SRL
0218010MXP ... 209,991 Parts 100 Littelfuse Japan 株式会社BOUKA CO.,LTD
MAX1290AEEI+ ... 3,437 Parts IC ADC 12BIT 400KSPS 28-QSOP 5000 Maxim Integrated Products Australia Key Source Co.,Ltd
YM3433B-D  ... 78,735 Parts 7500 Hong Kong Leading(HK) IC Distributor Limited
30076014-001 ... 2,990 Parts FUSE1A250V 50 HONEYWELL China Fairsign Technology Limited
0010081071 ... 15,475 Parts CONN 67 MOLEX France ICS LAND EUROPE
1-1703639-1 ... 2,318 Parts 500 TE China Gochen Technology(HK)Ltd.
BUT92 ... 682 Parts New & Original Parts 400 Original China Si Bei Da Electronics
LM394H ... 107,194 Parts New & Original Parts 680 Original Japan Verical Direct Japan Co.,LTD
0-0440347-4 ... 12,224 Parts 8231 AMP China J-DRAGON TECHNOLYOGY CO.,LTD
A001-011-3019-00 ... 14,636 Parts CABLE7SHIELDTWIST24AWGBLACKBARE 4592 3QW India Avalon Technologies Pvt Ltd
0-0106717-1 ... 32,421 Parts 288 AMP South Korea SemiCore Co., Ltd
06002-32008 ... 133,351 Parts BEARING 890 KOMATSU Mexico En-Kaite Electronics Co., Ltd enkaite@foxmail.com
0402X104K100CT ... 1,010 Parts